• We have the necessary certificates for production and export of fruits

  • Modern Packing Methods and Good Cold Chain Management are used

  • Our Growers comply with Good Agricultural Practices ( G.A.P. )

  • Samples are regularly send for testing at an accredited laboratory.

  • Harvested at exactly the right time. Therefore it is never too hard, acid or immature, but very healthy and much tastier

  • A bunch of grapes which does not meet quality specifications is rejected and then sold in domestic markets only

Quality Assurance

We believe in providing the quality products to the customer at the price they desire. The quality we grow in farm is most important than the fruit we packing. All the grape gardens are three to six years and because of this the plant are healthy.

Customer Satisfaction

Assessing the Effects of Quality, Value, and Customer Satisfaction on Consumer Behavioral Intentions in Service Environments