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Thompson is a green seedless cultivar. It has elongated berries, good bunch sizes with a fleshy, melting taste. These elongated sweet berries pack a punch of flavour. They are eaten fresh or used to produce sour grapes.

Light green grapes are at their flavourful best when the color turns a light amber. They are medium in size and crisp in texture. Pair with creamy soft cheeses. The taste is delicate and sweet. The berries are characterized by a thin and resistant skin.

Product Description

  • Variety : Thompson seedless
  • Berry size : 16 mm and above
  • Size : L , XL
  • Packaging : Punnet packing 5 kg per Box : 40" Reffer - 20 pallets x 120 box x 5 kg
  • Seasonal Availability : January to April

Product Avalibity Chart

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